A Year of Firsts!

I can’t believe our son is already 1. It’s crazy you guys. I was looking back through photos we took during his first year and smiling at all the funny “firsts” we experienced with him from the traditional (like first bath) to the funny (first FaceTime). Here’s some of my favorites…

  • First Hug

    First Hug

    Just moments after his birth we got to experience the first hug. I gave birth at home and it was a wonderful experience. You can read more about it here if you’d like.

  • First Car Ride

    First Car Ride

    Since we had a homebirth it was required that we take him to the pediatrician within 24 hours for a standard first checkup. This was his first trip in the car!

  • First Fashion

    First Fashion

    While I had a bunch of stylish and dapper little boys clothes ready and waiting, this “burrito” look was the style he rocked for the first few weeks.

  • First Bath

    First Bath

    Absolutely not a fan of the first bath. Or any bath. For a long time.

  • First FaceTime

    First FaceTime

    Kids and technology man. Here’s us talking from opposite sides of the country. His face cracks me up.

  • First Trick

    First Trick

    TOUCHDOWN! This is still his favorite trick nearly a year later.

  • First Obsession

    First Obsession

    Glowing lights. This kid is OBSESSED. Someone gave my husband this glowing egg and our son quickly claimed it as his own.

  • First Cart Sit

    First Cart Sit

    He looks so tiny but he thought he was so very big sitting up in the car on his own. No more baby seats for this kid!

  • First Pooltime

    First Pooltime

    In the summer we spent a good amount of time in the pool. He LOVED it. Actually, the pool was what made him learn to like baths. Go figure.

  • First Word

    First Word

    “Mum” which we thought was my name until we realized it was him asking for more food. Oh well.

  • First Teeth

    First Teeth

    He got the bottom two in and then the top two quickly followed. He’s been rocking the fearsome foursome of teeth for a while. I’m curious which will pop up next.

  • First Big Boy Bath

    First Big Boy Bath

    As soon as he could be free in the tub he LOVED bathtime. From his infancy he never liked to be held down or laid back… he wanted to be up and moving around.

  • First Steps

    First Steps

    He took shaky steps for months before finally walking in his 11th month. Now he’s booking it all around the house!

  • First Halloween

    First Halloween

    Our little giraffe raked in the candy for his first Halloween. And by that I mean that we raked in the candy after charging an exorbitantly high candy tax. ;)

  • First Toy Love

    First Toy Love

    He wasn’t a huge fan of the plush toys till he fell in love with his whaleshark. It’s a toy with special significance to his father and I so we thought it was extra cute.

  • First Christmas Tree

    First Christmas Tree

    Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday and we get a real tree for it every year. We took the Bubs with us to pick one out this year.

  • First Word that Wasn't

    First Word that Wasn't "Mama" or "Gaga"

    (Gaga is how he says Dada, it’s hilarious.) His first real vocab word he said all on his own without any prompting from us. He pointed up to the lights in his room and remarked, “Dight” (Light)

  • First Conference Call

    First Conference Call

    Just kidding. But taking the phone, holding it to his ear and “chatting” was the first grown up maneuver that he copied fully. It’s kind of hilarious. But makes us wonder if we’re on our phones too much. ;)

  • First Birthday Cake

    First Birthday Cake

    Happy Birthday Bubs! He got to dig into a double chocolate (gluten free, agave sweetened) cupcake and look at that grin. I’d say that’s the perfect ending to a sweet year.


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