A Week With Bubs | The 13th Month

At what age do you officially stop counting in months and start counting in years? Is it after age 1? Age 2? I mean, 13 months is easy to figure out. 37 months… not so much. Either way, this was Bubs’ 13th month and he’s changed and grown so much I just had to pull out my camera and document it. Click through for funny faces, laptop takeovers, and spoon skills…

  • 10 Photos of Bubs' 13th Month

    10 Photos of Bubs' 13th Month

    This month I pulled out a puppet I had as a kid. It’s a sloth and it is from one of those nature craft stores. It’s a sloth and as a kid I named it CJ. Well this month Bubs became OBSESSED with him. Pulls him out and hugs him all morning.

  • Sofa Climber and Pillow Thief

    Sofa Climber and Pillow Thief

    This kid has figured out how to climb and descend the sofa all on his own. He also loves to steal things off it from this little mini tripod to the pillow he yanked from our chair and is sitting on.

  • UP UP UP

    UP UP UP

    Mr. Separation Anxiety can’t stand if I walk into the other room for even a second. We had to add baby gates to the house because he’s so fast now that if we blink, he’ll have his hands in the dog food.

  • Snuggle Blocker

    Snuggle Blocker

    He absolutely HATES if my husband cuddles next to me. He starts crying, climbs up to us and grabs my husband by the face and pushes him away. Apparently cuddles from me are just for the Bubs. ;)

  • Laptop Takeover!

    Laptop Takeover!

    He understands the word “No” but thinks it’s funny to test us when it comes to our laptops. We both work from home and commonly work on the sofa. Laptops are off limits but this kid comes up giggling and sticks his little fingers on our keyboards.

  • Couch Commando

    Couch Commando

    His favorite thing in our living room is the remote. We often can’t find the remote because he’s taken it and dropped it somewhere random. He also frequently starts our movies and shows over. Oh… and he finally has hair!

  • Drooly Lovebug

    Drooly Lovebug

    Snuggle face here hasn’t cut any teeth in a few months but he’s been extra drooly lately so we think something must be happening under those gums.

  • Goofball Central

    Goofball Central

    He is such a ham! His eyebrows are our favorite of his features and he is super expressive with them. He also likes to carry his bottle in his teeth like this.

  • Spoon Skillz

    Spoon Skillz

    We have a bowl of oatmeal with fruit most mornings and it has been the best food to learn the spoon on. The oatmeal sticks to the spoon so it doesn’t make much mess as he struggles to get it all in his mouth.

  • Chatterbox


    He’s repeating sounds and words more than ever. He now fake coughs, fake sneezes, and can click his toungue. He’s also added “cup”, “night”, “that”, and loads of baby talk to his vocabulary. Here’s to the 13th month!


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