A Thank You Letter To My Baby Girl

My Dear Baby Fern,

365 Days ago, today, you came into this world. It was a beautiful winter day and the snow fell lightly – it was the first snowfall of the year and it was the inspiration for your middle name: Winter. Since the day you arrived, you have given me so many things to be thankful for and taught me so many things, so today, in honor of you my sweet girl, I would like to write you a thank you letter.

  • A Thank You Letter To My Baby

    A Thank You Letter To My Baby

    Dear Fern,

    Thank you for…

  • Making me a mama

    Making me a mama

    Of all the things I am thankful to you for, the most obvious one is that you made me a mama. No matter how many siblings you have in the future, you will always be special, because you are the one who helped me earn this mama title and you helped me understan and experience just how amazing it is to be a mom.

  • Teaching me the importance of hugs

    Teaching me the importance of hugs

    Sometimes life can be overwhelming and sad or just plain stressful, but you have taught me that in those moments sometimes the best cure is a good snuggle session.

  • Showing your Daddy's softer side

    Showing your Daddy's softer side

    Your daddy is a pretty tough guy, but since we had you, I’ve gotten to see a softer side of him as the two of you interact together that I’m not sure anyone else but you could’ve brought out. You certainly love your Daddy and he is most definitely smitten with you.

  • Reminding me not to sweat the small stuff

    Reminding me not to sweat the small stuff

    I can get a little crazy and Type-A at times, but when I get too wound up and stressed out, you remind me to just breathe with your easy laugh and your care-free sweet spirit. You instantly melt away my stress and remind me of what’s really important.

  • Showing me the world through new eyes

    Showing me the world through new eyes

    It’s easy to become jaded and disenchanted when you live in such a fast-paced, deadline focused and driven culture. I often get so caught up in the rush that I forget to stop and enjoy the beauty and wonder of the world around me. But, having you, and seeing you look at your world with new eyes has been so refreshing. Everything is new and magical and wonderful to you. Seeing snow for the first time was just about the most exciting thing that ever happened to you and I love that. It’s a constant reminder for me to stop and appreciate beauty.

  • Your determination

    Your determination

    I love seeing you fall and get back up again as you are learning to walk and just seeing your determined, little spirit in general. You never give up and always keep pushing for new things, which is something you’ve encouraged me in as well.

  • Just being you!

    Just being you!

    I will always remind you that you are the best YOU there ever was and how thankful I am for each and every little detail that makes up your being. You are wonderfully made and the perfect little person for our family. Happy birthday sweet Fern Winter!

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