A Special Gift for Elvie’s First Genna

When we found out that Elvie’s surgery was scheduled for Ethiopian Christmas, which is called Genna, I knew that the plans we made to celebrate the day would have to change. There is a big Ethiopian cultural center nearby, and I had hoped we could take part in festivities there. Now we will have to plan a quieter day, with things we can do at the hospital. It will be a different day than we’d originally planned, for sure. However, there is one tradition that we can continue with ease, and that I am even more excited about than ever before.

The tradition in Ethiopia is for children to receive a gift of clothing for Genna. Up to this point, Elvie has had to have custom made dresses and skirts to accomodate her physical differences, but this Genna, thanks to her surgery, she will finally be able to wear pants. I realize that this might not sound that exciting, but I am beyond thrilled to buy my baby some pants for Genna. I love that Disney Baby has pants that come in solid colors which can go with many of the shirts she already has. The Disney Baby Girl’s Pull-On Pants in packs of two are just the thing we need. They’re cute and basic, and best of all, they’ve got cuffs that can be turned down for extra length as Elvie grows. I have a feeling that her growth will take off once her body is no longer burdened by her birth defect, so we will need some things that can grow with her. Now the only question is, do I order the pink or the purple, or just give her both?

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