A Post-Mother’s Day Letter to Baby Paul

Dear Baby Paul, (And yes you’re 16 months old and we still call you “baby Paul”. Get used to it, because I’m not stopping anytime soon. You’ll always be my baby.)


Anyway, just a quick little note regarding Mother’s Day 2013…

Here’s the deal. Yesterday was my day, and you completely rocked it. You made the whole day the BEST! EVER! by simply being yourself. You slept past 7am, you took an epic nap, and you offered up slobbery faced open-mouth toddler kisses on demand. You did adorable things all day long, and you even waited till I left to run errands before you soiled your pants. Dad didn’t appreciate it, but I sure did. Thanks for that, high-fives all around!

Baby Paul, yesterday was great. But honestly, you’re too good to me every day of the week. Without you, I wouldn’t be me. And without you and your siblings, yesterday would have had little meaning. But because of you, I get to have the best job in the world. Sure, I’m tired, but my mom jeans are bursting at the seams with pride for you, my little buddy.

Have I ever told you that with your arrival, our family feels perfect and complete. Two big girls, two little boys. A mom, a dad, two grouchy cats and an old smelly dog. We are quite a crew, and you’ve stepped in line seamlessly.

So today, the day after Mother’s Day, as I rock you to sleep in our special chair, I thank you.

Thank you for letting me be your mommy. And thank you for loving me and needing me the only way you know how. Baby, don’t ever change.

Hugs and belly zerberts,


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