A New Favorite App

In my perfect parenting world, I would get ready for the day before my toddler was up.

As you might guess, though, that happens about once a week, if I’m extremely lucky.

And so on many days, Ella sits on my bed playing a few games on my iPhone while I take a very quick shower, throw on some clothing and pretend I know anything about doing my hair and makeup.

Over the last year or so, I’ve gotten quite a collection of free apps, and the new Winnie the Pooh Wonder and Wander app has been a definite hit in recent weeks (for Ella because it’s fun and for me because it is free!)

Winnie the Pooh App Screenshot

I also love how well-designed it is – the animations and illustrations aren’t gimmicky or overly childish, but instead have a really fun look to them. There is a good variety of games, including coloring, matching, puzzles, and music, all of which have plenty of options (not just the single free option and then everything else requires paid add-ons) and the music doesn’t make my ears want to bleed.

And, of course, I love five minutes to put on my mascara in peace.

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