A New Do, A New Day

As my baby girl flies past the 20-month mark, she’s constantly finding new ways to express herself and show me what a big girl she’s becoming. Of course I know the clock is ticking. Her clothes are getting tighter (which may explain why she prefers no top at all). Her vocabulary is growing. Her waddle is becoming more of a run.

But this week, oh this week, we hit an emotional milestone. The ponytail.



Yes, her brothers and I have been admiring her shiny long hair (courtesy of Winnie the Pooh Baby Shampoo), and one of them prompted me. “Mom, let’s try a ponytail!” We did. And in a moment she transformed from baby (ok, toddler) to little girl.

I guess with my boys the emotional moment came at the first haircut. But in my daughter’s case, this ponytail had me flashing forward. I saw monkey bars, pink leotards, sticky bubble gum face, boy chasing, house playing, giggling girlie fun.

And, if her sweet little bouncing ponytail was any indication, this girl is going to have a lot of girlie fun. And me? Well, I’m going to have fun watching — every step of the way.

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