A Little Girl Doll for My Little Girls: Disney Animators’ Collection Dolls

Truth be told, I’m a little old fashioned. While I am excited about all that my daughters will become and accomplish as they get bigger, I also think it is good to allow them to be little girls and not rush them to grow up. When I choose toys and books for my daughters, I like to choose things that will reflect who they are, that will preserve their innocence just a bit longer. Time flies by all too fast anyway, and before I know it, Zinashi will be a teenager and Elvie will be entering tweendom. While they are little girls, I want to soak up their little girl-ness. That’s why I was so excited when I saw the Disney Animators’ Collection dolls. They’re fashioned after the Disney characters, but are little girls.


I also love that the line features characters from many different stories, reflecting different ethnicities and cultures. This Tiana doll reminds me so much of my Zinashi, right down to the frog she’s carrying, though Zinashi’s favorite frog toy is normally wearing a diaper. Even what she’s wearing is the style I’d choose for Zinashi for a special occasion.

No matter what character or look your little girl prefers, there is sure to be an Animators’ Collection doll to suit her. In addition to Tiana, I’m also fond of Jasmine, with her adorable shoes and little Rajah the tiger in her arms. You can also find Rapunzel, Pocahontas, Mulan, and many more in the collection. Do you have a little girl who would like a little girl doll? Which doll would catch her eye?

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