A Letter to My Six-Month-Old Baby

Dear little Ani,

I think the first six months with a baby are just magical. Not only have you changed so completely from a tiny newborn into a legitimate little personality, but you’ve also turned from a stranger (a cute stranger, but a stranger nonetheless) into a person we know and love and can’t imagine life without.

Six months ago, you were pretty oblivious to the world around you. Now you notice when we’re eating without you (you hate it!) or if you’ve lost a toy.

Six months ago, your older sister wasn’t quite sure what to make of you. Now she’s on a constant quest to make you laugh or smile (although sometimes her methods can get fairly loud and violent and I have to swoop in to protect you).


Six months ago, you fell asleep at the drop of a hat, anywhere. Now, you want to be in your own cozy bed when it’s time to sleep. Definitely not in your mama’s arms.

Six months ago, you had no idea who we were. Now you shriek with excitement when we get you out of bed in the morning or when your dad comes home from work.

Six months ago, you certainly couldn’t smile. Now, your smile lights up my life.

Six Months

Come to think of it, everything about you lights up my life. I’m so glad we’ve had these six months with you and can’t wait for many many more.

Love, Mama

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