A Ladies’ Man in the Making

My two-year-old baby boy is already showing signs of being what is commonly deemed “a ladies’ man.” It’s not just that people (women specifically) think he’s adorable, handsome, or cute (all being compliments he’s received). If we think about it, I think the majority of people find babies and toddlers to be cute. It’s more that he himself will purposely talk to women, gravitate towards them, or point them out. We definitely don’t encourage him, but it seems we just keep running into situations regarding the ladies. Let me share a recent example of this.

Toddler Boy and Girl Holding HandsSource: Richard Stephenson/Flickr


We frequently visit the Walt Disney World theme parks on the weekend. Baby boy likes to ride Prince Charming’s Regal Carrousel a lot. This is usually a must-see ride for him whenever we visit the Magic Kingdom and a favorite attraction for babies and toddlers in New Fantasyland. Well, a few weekends ago, my husband took him on this ride while our older daughter and I explored other areas of the park. When we met up again, my husband was laughing and shared that our baby boy was looking at a girl sitting on the horse next to him. The girl was older (in her teens), but smiled at our baby boy and waved, as is customary when greeting a baby or toddler. Well, our little man took it upon himself to look at my husband and say, “Daddy….she pretty.” You can imagine the surprised look on the girl’s face and the laughter this caused for my husband!

As my husband told me this story, I couldn’t help but look at my baby boy and wonder how many more times he’d do the same thing. How many more times will he ‘flirt’ with pretty young girls and cause us to usher him away? If he keeps this up, we’re going to have a lot of trouble on our hands when he gets older!

Does your toddler ‘flirt’ with the ladies? Do the ladies flirt back? Share your funny toddler stories below!

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