A Halloween Story: Starring Your Baby

This Halloween, capture some action shots of your baby in costume and turn them into your very own storybook keepsake. (After all, who wouldn’t love a book starring your favorite character.)

If your little one is dressing up as an existing storybook character, you can use the general outline of the story as inspiration. For instance, when my son was Curious George, I started the story, “This is George. He lives with the man in the yellow hat. He’s a good little monkey, but always very curious…” Throughout the day, I tried to capture him doing silly things. If you have a little princess, start with “Once upon a time…” An itsy-bitsy spider? Well, make up your own poem about your little climber.

And what if your little one is a fried egg or a bumblebee? Well, let your imagination run wild.

lion story

Here are some things to consider and capture for your story:
• How does your character interact with friends and siblings in their “roles”?
• What are some unique characteristics about your baby this Halloween? Is he crawling? Is she saying a new word? Work those things in so you’ll remember when you look back.
• Does your baby have a favorite toy or stuffed animal? Be sure to get a picture with loved items.
• Will you let your baby taste a piece of candy? How does he like it?
• What’s your role in the story? The fairy godmother who made the beautiful dress (or paid for it, at least)? Or the bad guy who took away the candy and put a sleeping spell on the princess?

Once you have the pictures, create an online photo book with fun storybook captions as a keepsake. Or, if you want something baby can enjoy right away, create your own pages with pictures and handwritten words. Have the pages laminated and bound at a local offices services store. Perfect for drooly, mouthy babes.

Have fun creating a magical memory!

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