A Great Idea for Documenting the Day to Day

Last month I challenged my self to have my camera out all day to document a day in the life of Beck. Afterwards I was so happy I did it since it challenged me to work with different angles and capture ordinary moments of the day. Well now after seeing Tracy Larsen’s week in the life book, I want to take it one step further and try the same.
family photo book
Tracy took the week in a life challenge posed by Ali Edwards and had her camera by her side all week long so she could document the daily happenings of her family including the mundane things like cleaning, working, and trips to Target. By the end of the week her memory card was full and she took her shots and published them into a photo book. I think this is a great idea because so often we remember the big events of childhood but not necessarily what we spent the majority of time doing. It would be so fun to see how the average week changed from year to year and I’m sure your children would love looking through each book when they’re older.

Would you take on a challenge like this? See pages of Tracy’s book here.

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