A Few of My Toddler’s Favorite Things

Every month my little one is changing and every month she takes me by surprise and she begins developing her own personality and preferences. Lately she’s been completely drawn to a handful of random items around our house, so I thought I’d share a few of her current favorite things…the things she repeatedly searches for and seems to love best.

  • Los Pollitos Book

    Los Pollitos Book

    Fern LOVES this book. She likes it best when her grandma sings it since her Spanish is better than mine, but she likes it regardless. Now we can even say “Fern, go get your ‘pio pio’ book” (the baby chicks say “pio pio” in Spanish) and she grabs this off the shelf.

  • Plastic Bracelets

    Plastic Bracelets

    I’d like to say she’s showing an early knack for accessorizing, but mostly she just likes to carry these around and clank them together. I don’t blame her. Shiny things that make noise are kind of appealing to me too.

  • Kitchen Timer

    Kitchen Timer

    This isn’t just any old kitchen timer, it’s magnetic and magnets are something my girl has just recently discovered. She loves to walk around trying to see what she can get it to stick to. Yesterday she tried to stick it to my back. I got a good laugh out of that.

  • Ugly Doll

    Ugly Doll

    This was a birthday gift from a friend and from the moment they met it was love at first sight. Her first official tantrum resulted from having to put away this doll at dinner time. Apparently she’s quite attached.

  • Tinctures


    I’m starting to wonder if my child is the only child on the planet who gets excited for “medicine”. Her daily homeopathics are definitely a high point in her day and anytime we’re near the bathroom she’ll point to the medicine cabinet!

  • Fish Game

    Fish Game

    This is a little game where you sort the wooden fish into the slots at the top. Fern quickly realized that there was a hold in back for taking out the fish and now just does that. Apparently it’s way more fun. She also carries around the wooden fish everywhere. The red ones are her favorites.

  • Pink Polka Dots

    Pink Polka Dots

    This bodysuit is the one thing she reaches for every single time I open her dresser drawer. Perhaps it’s because it’s one of the only items in her wardrobe that’s pink and she finds the novelty appealing? Not sure, but she loves it.

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