A Baby’s First Easter

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for the firsts.  I know many of us are, so I’m sure I’m no exception, but really, nothing gets me more excited about having a baby than buying a Baby’s 1st (insert holiday) bib, bodysuit and pajamas.  Because really, no holiday is complete without documenting it with official “Baby’s 1st” merchandise.  A close second in importance to the merchandise, are the pictures.  And lots of them!  This year we downloaded over 150 pictures from Hayden’s 1st Easter (don’t worry, they weren’t all of him).  Some of my favorite photos are of him taking a look at his very first Easter basket for the first time.  We were all so excited to explore the contents of his basket with him, and the kids had fun encouraging him to touch and feel everything.  Here are a few of my favorite photos of our special morning.  

  • What in the world is all this?

    What in the world is all this?

    We set his basket up on his highchair, so when we set him in it he was a bit overwhelmed at this huge container holding lots of colorful and interesting items. He kept looking at it, then back at us, as if asking with his eyes if it was okay to touch.

  • Sister helps out

    Sister helps out

    Our daughter picked up each item and explained what it was to Hayden. She was very excited and sweet about it, and I’m so appreciative and happy she took the time away from her basket of goodies, to focus on Hayden. She really seemed to understand that this being his first Easter was something very special.

  • Ready to try it all

    Ready to try it all

    Every thing we showed him, he immediately tried to put into his mouth. These food pouches were supposed to be for his diaper bag to use when on the go, but our daughter was so eager to let him try his goodies the Easter bunny left him we couldn’t say no. The verdict? He loved them and our daughter declared the Easter bunny to be very smart.

  • Touch and feel

    Touch and feel

    I just love this picture because I can just see his little curious brain working to try and figure out what each item was. He first felt everything, then of course put it in his mouth! It’s something special to watch them experience new things, and this photo captures that perfectly for Hayden.

  • What does this taste like?

    What does this taste like?

    After all the contents were explored, even the basket was taste tested. The verdict?

  • Not too sweet

    Not too sweet

    After a quick chew, he decided that the taste of basket was not for him and would stick to a diet, for now, of pureed carrots and peas.

  • When all else fails...

    When all else fails...

    After he had emptied out the basket from all its wonderful goodies, and after he determined the taste of basket to be too dry and bitter for his liking, the only logical thing to do with a basket is tip it over and dump out the grass! Of course a bit of grass had to be tasted as well and he found it to be even more unappealing than the basket. It was a fun first Easter for Hayden, indeed!

So what was the favorite part of baby’s 1st Easter for your family?

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