A Baby in Disguise Makes Me Smile

  • A Surprise Box in the Mail

    A Surprise Box in the Mail

    A few weeks ago, this box of ideas to use with the new Disney Story app showed up on our doorstep.

  • A Toddler in a Mustache

    A Toddler in a Mustache

    Of course, when I discovered that there were some false mustaches in the box, my toddler instantly wanted to wear them. She kept saying, “Take my picture!”

  • A Baby in Disguise

    A Baby in Disguise

    Then my toddler suggested that perhaps Ani might want to be part of the fun. I was worried she’d hate it, but she actually smiled quite a bit – I think the soft hair was tickling her nose!

    I can’t stop looking at this picture and laughing.

Thanks to Disney Story for providing a Storybox and free app.

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