9 Months Old – Love and Life, and Tracking the Milestones

We hit a big milestone as far as age goes; as of Monday, Hayden is now 9 months old!  Not quite 1, but miles past the little bitty baby stage of 6 months, old, 9 months old feels like we’re on a precipice of so many exciting things to come.  Now is the time when a lot of babies start to crawl, start to babble quite a lot, and maybe even sleep through the night (ha!).  Well here’s a little peek into our world, with our sweet 9 month old baby boy, who isn’t crawling or even rolling over much at all.  But he is filling our lives and days with nothing but love (and quite a few sleepless nights).

  • Can Your Baby Do That?

    Can Your Baby Do That?

    9 months old seems to be one of those milestone ages where people start to get really inquisitive as to what baby is up to. “Does he crawl?” “Is he sleeping through the night?” Hayden is on his own milestone time frame it seems, and so far, I’m not the least bit concerned. Click through to see why.

  • Endless Curiosity

    Endless Curiosity

    So far, Hayden doesn’t do much rolling over. While he certainly can roll back and forth, he rarely does. Instead, he usually is content just lying on his back or tummy, as long as he has something to keep his attention or play with. Overall he is a pretty easy going, content baby. At first I was quite concerned, but after 9 months with this guy, I’ve come to see he’s happy just hanging out, and doesn’t seem overly determined to get anywhere too fast at all.

  • We've Tried

    We've Tried

    For awhile we tried keeping toys out of reach so he would be motivated to go get them, but he’s fine just looking around or watching what we’re doing. If a toy’s out of reach, no problem, he’ll just find something else to look at. Motor skills wise, he can twist and wiggle, sit up nice and strong, and switch things from hand to hand with ease. At this rate, I’m told by some friends, and even our doctor, that he may just be the type of baby to hang out until he’s ready to walk, and may skip rolling and crawling all together!

  • He Can Eat His Toes!

    He Can Eat His Toes!

    He’s flexible and moves his body quite a lot with twists and kicks, and loves to chew on his toes!

  • Babbles With The Best Of Them

    Babbles With The Best Of Them

    He talks up a storm and is ridiculously easy to get to laugh. He gives the most curious and inquisitive looks, like he’s trying so hard to soak it all in and understand the world. He can focus his attention on a toy for a long time, but is at the same time, quite observant of the busy happenings of our family.

  • Thankfully He's Cute

    Thankfully He's Cute

    For what I’ve lost in sleep, I’ve gained in love and smiles from this guy. At 9 months, he still isn’t sleeping through the night, and doesn’t even seem close to getting there. Any little disturbance in routine, teething, or a simple runny nose causes multiple, exhausting wakings. But each and every morning, no matter what kind of night we’ve had, he wakes up with love in his eyes and a smile on his face. When he’s that cute, there’s no way I could stay mad at him!

  • The Eye Poking Stage

    The Eye Poking Stage

    While he may not be rolling over or sleeping, his natural curiosity is shining through and we have hit the “eyeballs are fascinating!” stage. Ouch, it hurts sometimes, but it is hilarious to see his fierce persistence to get at my face each and every morning.

  • Mouth Poking Stage

    Mouth Poking Stage

    Oh, and we have also hit the “mouths and teeth are fascinating!” stage. The strength he summons in those tiny fingers to pry my mouth open each day is utterly incredible!

  • Each Baby Is Different

    Each Baby Is Different

    While I may not be able to boast or brag that my boy is sleeping like a champ and on his way to taking his first steps any day now, I can rest assured in the fact that he is healthy and happy. Milestones are meant to be guidelines, not steadfast rules. As long as your doctor isn’t concerned, and baby is growing and thriving, rest assured that your baby will follow along at his own pace. It took me 3 children later to finally realize that, but it’s a lesson I’m glad I finally learned.


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