9 Adorable Girl Outfits That Are Not Pink

I remember hating pink for stretch of years when I was a child. I’m not sure why. Maybe it was my tomboyish ways. Pink just wasn’t my thing. After a couple of years in college, my love for pink returned and we have been in a good – actually great – place ever since. Pink makes me happy.

I always said that I would never buy a ton of pink stuff if I had a girl. I lied. Half of Jada’s closet is pink. But as she grows up, she may not like pink that much. Plus too much of a good thing is – well, too much. I’ve started to diversify Jada’s closet and dabble in more colors. I’m not knocking pink. I still love it. But I also think a little girl can be beyond adorable with other colors.

Here are the most adorable Disney outfits for little girls (and moms) who have truly had enough of the pink. 

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