8 Months!

It’s been about 8 1/2 months since Beck joined our family and I honestly can’t remember a time without him. He’s learning new things on a daily basis and lately has become quite the entertainer. He especially likes to try and perform and make us laugh every night at dinner by making loud noises while shaking his head back and forth and squinting his eyes. I love my little character.

Here’s what 8 months looks like:

– 19 lbs (and some change), 27 1/2 in
– still won’t eat baby food but loves Baby Mum Mums and cereal puffs
– very squirmy, always looking for something to grab
– 7 teeth
– not interested in crawling
– has a funny, dainty wave
– loves playing peek-a-boo
– loves blocks and books
– still not much hair, except for some long strands that go over his ears

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