8 Cute DIY Quiet Books

Beck is getting increasingly squirmy. Last week at church he literally hurled himself over the top of the pew in front of us to grab the quiet book that he spotted. He gripped it and promptly started to flip through every page in excitement. I decided it might be time to make one for him so I’ve been looking for inspiration ever since. Here are 8 cute ones I’ve come across this week for all skill levels. Which one is your favorite?

  • Simple Shapes

    Simple Shapes

    Caroline got together with friends and they each made several of the same page and then exchanged them to create one whole book for each person. Such a smart idea!

    Click here for more information on Armelle

  • Happy Animals

    Happy Animals

    All of the animals in this handmade version are really cute. While it doesn’t come with templates, I think the photos can offer help in how to make your own.

    Click here for more information on One Lovely Life

  • A Year of Pages

    A Year of Pages

    Stephanie creates several very creative pages each year and then does a round-up. You could spend hours looking at each one.

    Click here for more information on Imagine Our Life

  • Alphabet Quiet Book

    Alphabet Quiet Book

    This one goes through the alphabet and has a interactive page to coordinate with each letter.

    Click here for more information on Hippos and Dinosaurs

  • Dress Up Book

    Dress Up Book

    Randi created felt animals and clothes to dress them up in for this interactive book.

    Click here for instructions on Playful Learning

  • Ellie's Book

    Ellie's Book

    This one is by far my favorite. Each page is carefully crafted and I love the materials Traci chose to use. It makes me want to be better at sewing.

    Click here for more information on Stolen Moments

  • Audrey's Quiet Book

    Audrey's Quiet Book

    I love this tent page and know Beck would be endlessly entertained by zipping it open and shut.

    Click here for more information on Homemade By Jill

  • Book With Templates

    Book With Templates

    The pages of this book are the classic ones I grew up with. The painting palette page is my favorite.

    Click here to see the full book and download free templates on Serving Pink Lemonade

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