7 Simple Ways for Mamas to Get “Me Time”

In the hustle and bustle of the everyday, many mamas tend to lose sight of themselves and their needs. Being a parent is a selfless (and often thankless) job and there is always something that needs to be done. A load of laundry to do, errands to run, snacks to be made, work projects to finish…some days it seems never-ending.

But, even when it seems like there’s no hope for finding any “me time” in your busy schedule, it is so important to squeeze it in. Sometimes your “me time” may involve leaving the house, but sometimes it may be something small, yet perfectly indulgent, being squeezed in during nap time. Whatever the case, finding “me time” as a mama is an important part of staying balanced, and even though it may feel like it is taking way from your motherly “duties,” it will actually help you come back refreshed and better able to be the best mama you can be. Here are a few ideas for squeezing in some “me time” as a mama – things that I like to do and that you might too!

  • 7 Simple Ways For Mamas To Get

    7 Simple Ways For Mamas To Get "Me Time"

    Being a mama is busy, but it’s important to still take time for yourself. Here are 7 simple ideas to help you do so!

  • 1. Exercise

    1. Exercise

    Recently I started a fitness challenge (you can read about it here) to get back in shape, and as part of it I’ve been attending Barre3 classes and I love it! I had been slacking on working out for quite a while, and taking classes got me right back in the zone. Not everyone can leave the house to take a class but there are plenty of at-home options, and on days I can’t make it to the studio, I take an online class. Super convenient and the endorphins are a much welcome boost in my day.

  • 2. Read OR Write

    2. Read OR Write

    I honestly can’t remember the last time I read a book (OK, it was a birthing book back when I was pregnant), but one of my favorite things to do for a bit of “me time” is to sit down with a magazine and just pore over the pages. So nice and relaxing. Writing can also be cathartic and relaxing if it’s not something you already do all the time for work.

  • 3. Make yourself a treat

    3. Make yourself a treat

    I don’t often make elaborate meals for just myself. If my husband or my daughter aren’t around I’m typically content with a PB&J sandwich or a bowl of cereal. I have simple tastes. But, sometimes if I’m feeling like I need a little time to indulge myself, I’ll put together something that takes a bit more time (not a ton, but maybe I’ll cut up fruit or break out the goat cheese). I may pour myself a glass of lemonade too, which always feels like a treat since I’m usually a water drinker. Then I’ll eat WITHOUT multi-tasking. Ahhh. Perfection.

  • 4. Primp

    4. Primp

    With a little one around there often isn’t a ton of time to get dolled up in the morning, so sometimes I’ll take advantage of nap time to try out a new hair tutorial or practice a new makeup application. Other times if I’m able to get away by myself for a bit I like to go try out new makeup at department stores. It’s a little way for me to reconnect with the old me who had time for such lovely frivolity.

  • 5. Bath time for mama

    5. Bath time for mama

    Showers are usually a rushed sort of task when you’re a busy parent, but taking the time to relax over a bubble bath is a great way to sneak in a bit of time for yourself.

  • 6. Dance

    6. Dance

    Sometimes when no one is around I like to turn up my favorite tunes and bust a move in my living room. It’s especially great after I’ve been sitting down writing for a long while. A much needed stretch break and a reminder to live a little.

  • 7. Play dress-up

    7. Play dress-up

    It is so easy to simply throw on the same jeans and t-shirt combo day after day when you’re hurried for time. So why not take some time to play dress-up in your own closet when you have some down time? Play around with different combinations of clothing, and organize outfits for easy grab-and-go potential. You can also take photos of your ensembles for future reference. It will be a time-saver and you’ll have fun doing it!

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