6 Things My 6-Month-Old Can Do

Before I had a baby I wasn’t that interested in babies. I always just kind of viewed them as eating, sleeping, pooping, crying blobs that didn’t do much else. But, now that I have a baby of my own, my opinions have definitely changed. Babies are amazing – they grow and change and learn so quickly! Sometimes when I see my baby doing something new, I am blown away wondering, “How did she learn to do this in six short months of life?” Even though she’s not riding a bike or anything major yet, there are still many little thing that my 6-month-old can do that I think are pretty cool.

  • 6 Things My 6-Month-Old Can Do

    6 Things My 6-Month-Old Can Do

    Babies are amazing; always learning, growing and changing. My 6-month-old is no exception. Here are six things she’s learned how to do in the past six months!

  • Stand up

    Stand up

    Fern has been standing for months now, but recently she has become more and more intent on doing so. If you come anywhere near her, it is quite likely she will try to finagle you into holding her up to practice standing.

  • Eat solids

    Eat solids

    So far she’s tried sweet potato, avocado, banana, green beans, butternut squash, apples and prunes. She wasn’t a fan of sweet potatoes, green beans or the prunes. She found the squash to be tolerable. So basically she just likes avocado and banana. I’ve tricked her into eating more squash and green beans by adding bananas to it. Sounds gross to me, but she seems to like it.

  • Laugh with abandon

    Laugh with abandon

    It took her more than five months to finally start laughing, but now that she has we are blessed to hear her deep belly giggles on a more regular basis and each time I hear it I love it even more.

  • Pull weeds

    Pull weeds

    Fern loves being outside, so I’ll bring her out while I pick the blueberries in our yard and she does her part by pulling weeds for me. Hopefully she’ll have a green thumb instead of inheriting her mommy’s black thumb.

  • Take a few steps

    Take a few steps

    I chalk this up to the fact that she’s been getting a lot of practice walking in the wading pool where taking steps is much easier, but she’s definitely taking a few (very slow) steps on occasion now.

  • Sleep on her tummy

    Sleep on her tummy

    I know that “back is best” when it comes to sleep and I have definitely followed this rule from the start, but now that Fern is a pro at rolling over she keeps flipping herself over to her tummy. I would go in and turn her over in the beginning, but would go in a half hour later to see that she’d flipped herself again!

 What can your baby do?

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