6 Reasons Why I Love “Starting Over”

When we became pregnant with our 3rd child and started telling people, some friends and family questioned us about our feelings on “starting all over.”  Our first 2 children were already 5 and 7 years old and so with this third child we would be thrown back into diaper duty, middle of the night feedings and toddler tantrums.  I have to admit that I too had my reservations, but now that Hayden is 3 months old I can honestly say that I absolutely love having a large age gap with our third.  Having had our first two children close together, I can tell you there are lots of positive things about having children close in age, but let me also tell you how nice it is when they’re spread apart. 

  • Built In Entertainment

    Built In Entertainment

    Without a doubt, Hayden already loves having an older brother and sister that happily dote on him and will do everything short of a backwards somersault to make him smile. When I’m trying to cook dinner it’s so great to be able to ask my older kids to keep baby happy and entertained.

  • Built In Help

    Built In Help

    Big brother isn’t much for diaper changing, but big sister loves to help in any way she can and takes her role very seriously. Between changing diapers, getting him dressed or simply grabbing me a burp cloth, it’s really great to have an extra set of eager helping hands around.

  • Older and Wiser

    Older and Wiser

    Simply stated, I’m older and more experienced this time around. I feel more comfortable and confident mothering Hayden now that I’ve been a mother for 7+ years. I also have perspective and know that taking care of a baby can sometimes be an easier task than parenting older children who need constant molding and guidance.

  • Alone Time With Baby

    Alone Time With Baby

    While the kids are at school, I get some much needed and cherished alone time with Hayden. I can focus on meeting his needs and also take care of myself a bit. I love our quiet mornings together.

  • Making Memories

    Making Memories

    My sister is 9 years older than me and she loves to retell stories of taking care of me as a baby. With the kids being older, they are going to remember this stage of their lives and recall what it was like to have a baby brother. They will be able to say they used to feed him his bottles and change his diaper. I’m happy for them that they will have these fun and special memories to hold onto forever.

  • Established Routine

    Established Routine

    Having been a family of 4 for over 5 years, we had a pretty well established routine set in place. When Hayden was born, he sort of just melded right into that routine because he had to. The kids still had to get up and get off to school, and they still needed to be taken to their activities. Having him fit into our routine has helped me to not become too obsessive about scheduling, like I had done with the previous two and it’s been nice to be a bit more flexible.

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