6 Baby Toys You Already Have in Your Own Kitchen

It seems that no matter how many toys we keep in our arsenal, babies gravitate toward non-toys above all. The upside to this? You already have a toy box treasure trove right in your kitchen cupboards. Here are some great toys I’m sure you already have that your little one will love!

  • 1. Lids

    1. Lids

    Banging things together to make fun new sounds is a favorite past time for babies and lids are perfect for this activity.

  • 2. Whisks

    2. Whisks

    Another fun toy for banging against things and chewing on. Find one that has a rubber handle for added texture and sensory exploration.

  • 3. Muffin Tins

    3. Muffin Tins

    Muffin tins are great for babies to sort objects into. Even if they aren’t at the point of intentionally sorting items, they’ll enjoy dropping things into the tins nonetheless.

  • 4. Spatulas

    4. Spatulas

    Spatulas make great teething toys for babes. The rubber tip and the wooden handle are both great for teething on.

  • 5. Storage Containers

    5. Storage Containers

    Fill small storage containers with various dry goods like noodles and beans and you have instant shakers that babies will love.

  • 6. Measuring Cups and Spoons

    6. Measuring Cups and Spoons

    These are just as great as musical instruments in the eyes of a baby. Your baby will enjoy jingle jangling these together endlessly.

What unconventional “toys” does your baby enjoy playing with? 

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