5 Ways to Make Storytime More Fun

If we parents have heard it once, we’ve heard it a thousand times. It’s great to read to our kids. I don’t know about you, but sometimes our little one is just not into it. So we’ve learned a few tricks to make storytime more fun and exciting for him. Maybe some of these will help you too!

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1. Make it a routine:
Have a time in the day that is storytime so that your baby and toddler get used to settling down and paying attention — and so that they can also get excited and look forward to it.


2. Pay attention to their preferences:
Our son loves books with simple rhyming patterns and lots of colors. So we’ve been sticking to those for now and shelving the ones with more detailed stories or less big photos. We’ll try those again in a little while.

3. Get into character:
Try to “perform” the book. Being expressive and using various tones will make it much more exciting for your little one. Think about it. Would you want to listen to a boring and monotone narrator?

4. Follow their lead:
Sometimes our son stops me to point out things on the pages. Don’t let those interruptions be frustrating; take the time to let them talk to you and name the items. Use it as a chance to work on words or colors or shapes.

5. Get cozy:
We have two huge floor pillows and a big stuffed ottoman we lounge on during storytime. Making a comfy spot will up your chances of your little one wanting to stay in that one spot for more than 2 minutes. ;)

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