5 Ways to Give Yourself ‘Me’ Time During Naptime

Before I had kids I always thought I would have no problem giving myself some “me” time. How quickly that fades when you start thinking of all the zillion other things that need to be done. Naptime was always the moment where I could ideally sit down and relax, but for me it turned into clean up time. In order to make sure I was getting some “me” time in, I started making little lists of projects I wanted to do. As soon as Baby went down I’d hop into the craft room, work for a bit, and then get to cleaning. Just those 30 minutes (or less) daily was enough to give me the extra jolt I needed to feel great again.

  • Make Yourself Something Pretty

    Make Yourself Something Pretty

    Treat yourself to a new accessory by following this Leather Bow Bracelet tutorial.

  • Do Your Nails

    Do Your Nails

    Painting your nails can be relaxing and fun so pick out your favorite color, maybe add a little glitter, and start painting your nails.

  • Sweet Body Scrub

    Sweet Body Scrub

    Use sugar and lavender oil to make yourself a calming and sweet body scrub.

  • Master the Cat Eye

    Master the Cat Eye

    Experiment with makeup by following me as we learn how to do the Scotch Tape Cat Eye.

  • Minkee Eye Mask

    Minkee Eye Mask

    Follow the pattern to sew up a Minkee Eye Mask and get some shuteye too.

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