6 Ways My Two Girls Are Alike As Newborns

It’s been so fun to have baby Ani join our family and see how she’s similar to Ella (and, of course, how they are different).

I love being reminded of my first baby’s infanthood with a new baby and getting to experience some of these sweet things over again.

  • Cute Little Noses

    Cute Little Noses

    Some babies have noses that seem too big for their faces. My girls have tiny little noses (which they got from me – a friend once told me the reason I look so young is because my nose is too small for my face).

  • They Love to Be Swaddled

    They Love to Be Swaddled

    I actually lay awake in bed at nights when my first daughter was four or five months wondering if she’d ever learn to sleep without a swaddle (she did, of course).

  • Cheeks!


    My girls aren’t huge (although they aren’t tiny either), but they are not messing around in the cheeks department.

  • They've Got Hair

    They've Got Hair

    They aren’t ready for ponytails at birth or anything, but they certainly have respectable amounts of hair for little people who have only been alive a few weeks.

  • Sleepers


    Both of my babies have been sleepy little things, falling asleep at the drop of a hat and staying asleep for long stretches at a time during those early weeks.

  • Paci Girls

    Paci Girls

    We didn’t introduce a pacifier to our older daughter for a couple of weeks, but she took to it like a pro (and it’s given us hundreds of good nights of sleep). Ani is equally enamored with hers.

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