5 Uber-Fun iPhone Baby Name Apps

Sure, there’s a lot about having a baby that takes researching. But pregnancy? That only lasts nine months (or ten, depending on how you do the math). Diapers? A couple years, if you’re lucky. A baby’s name? Well, that lasts a lifetime. And you want it to be just right. My husband and I agonized over our three kids’ names, but with these apps, the process is a lot more fun. Happy baby naming!

  • Baby Names!!

    Baby Names!!

    This free app is packed with 30,000 names. When you pull up a name you like, you can turn your phone sideways to see a popularity graph. You can search by origin, popularity, gender, meaning, “starts with”, and — my favorite — all of them combined.

    To check it out, click here.

  • Nametrix: Doctor or Dancer?

    Nametrix: Doctor or Dancer?

    I can’t get over the coolness of this $.99 app. It’s the proof that there’s far more than popularity and meaning to a name. Their software has analyzed millions of real people to paint a sociological picture for each name. For instance, it turns out Julias lean toward filmmaking, professional snowsports, and tennis. They’re also usually Democrats. Cool, right?

    To check it out, click here.

  • Kick to Pick

    Kick to Pick

    Make your list of top name choices by gender, then lay back, relax and let baby do the rest of the work. You simply put your device on your baby bump and when the countdown is up, this $.99 app will tell you what your baby’s choice was. Given how busy my kids were in my belly, I can only imagine how much fun this would have been.

    To check it out, click here.

  • Baby Namer

    Baby Namer

    If you don’t want to search through the thousands upon thousands of names many apps offer, go the simpler route. With this $.99 app, you can shake your phone to get a suggestion. Or pick a category and get a random suggestion.

    To check it out, click here.

  • Pregnancy Companion II

    Pregnancy Companion II

    Sure, it’s got all kinds of names in there, but if you’re like me, you’ll need a break from the search. This $3.99 app will keep you busy with all kinds of great pregnancy info, like at-a-glance updates of baby’s development, a hydration counter to be sure you’re getting enough water, great yoga poses for those aching muscles, and much more.

    To check it out, click here.

How did you pick your baby’s name?

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