5 Things You’ll Miss About Your Infant

There are two possible scenarios right now: 1) You’re wrapped up in the baby-moon stage, where you’re snuggling your swaddled baby, cooing over itty bitty fingers, and capturing every gurgle on video — just because you know how much you’ll miss these moments. Or 2) You’re reading this from the throes of colic, while a distinct (and familiar) diaper scent wafts over your un-showered self.

Or maybe these two scenarios are happening simultaneously.

There’s no arguing that Baby’s first year can be a tumultuous adjustment period, but it can also be a time of blissful emotions and an overwhelming discovery of never-before-known love. Here are 5 things I miss about the baby stage:

1. The feel of an infant peacefully sleeping on my chest.
There’s nothing like that feeling, and oh how you’ll miss it. Forget about sleep training and adult-bed banning for a minute and just enjoy that feeling — on behalf of every parent beyond the baby stage.


2. The incredible growth and world-stopping milestones.
The first smile, first laugh, first foods — it’s all so exciting. Of course “the firsts” will keep on coming well into childhood, but the amount of growth in that first year is enough to make your head spin. How can a person go from spastic, uncoordinated movements to self-feeding with a spoon in 12 short months? So much develops in that first year — including their little personalities! — that you’ll miss seeing those drastic, rapid changes. And because each stage is so short yet so monumental, it’s easy to wish they’d stay 3 months, 6 months, 9 months just a little longer. It’s easy to miss each stage as it passes. (Except for the colic stage. That one is free to fly by.)

3. Naps.
Oh I know — you’re tired. You only sleep in four- or five-hours intervals (sometimes less than that), but you’ll certainly miss those predictable naps once they’re gone. When your 3-year-old child suddenly drops the last and final nap, you’ll marvel at just how many hours a newborn sleeps (even if the majority of those hours are during the day).

4. You put them down somewhere, and they stay.
Cherish this, people.

5. The tiny baby clothes.
What is it about doll-size sweaters and teeny tiny socks that makes our uteruses sigh?

What else will you miss about the baby stage? Nursing? Baby belly laughs? Those beginning babbles? Share below!

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