5 Things to Look Forward to with Toddlers

Besides talking about what you’re going to miss about your pregnancy and those fleeting baby months, let’s not forget that there’s so much ahead.

Here are 5 things to look forward to with your soon-to-be toddler:


1. Language.
It’s incredible how fast some kids can grasp their native language — in cute little chipmunk voices and sweet speech impediments, nonetheless. And the stuff they’ll come out with! Cooing, babbling, and sign language might be sweet, but just wait until your toddler starts talking in sentences. And the first time you hear “I love you” might be one the best moments of your life.

2. Laughing.
Toddlers can have a sense of humor, man. You might think that you’ll miss your wobbly baby, but just wait and see — toddlers are good company. I swear I’ll get premature wrinkles from all the giggling and goofy grins across my face, and it will be worth every crease.

3. Fun activities.
Crafts, painting, kiddie rides, movies, throwing balls, catching fireflies — having a toddler is a chance to relive all of those long-forgotten childhood memories. And it’s somehow even better seeing them through your child’s eyes.

4. Potty training.
The single best milestone yet.

5. Imaginations.
My son is all imagination, constantly playing pretend and making up story lines in his make-believe world. He has this sweet protective bubble around his life, where magic is real and possibilities are endless. And even though, as an adult, I know better — I know that wands don’t spread pixie dust and there aren’t really alligators in the kitchen — it adds a special twinkle to my life.

What are you looking forward to most?

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