5 Things I Forgot About Having a Toddler

What always blows my mind about parenting is how quickly I forget how things go. My girls are super close in age (16 months!) yet I somehow still forget certain ways and stages along the way. Ingrid, my youngest, is 17 months old and is just now doing things that I totally forgot my oldest, Adair, did around the exact same age.

1. The tantrums. I guess I always think this comes when they turn 2. I forgot about the little meltdowns and fits that happen at the beginning of toddlerhood.

2. Being independent. Do not attempt to feed Ingrid with a spoon or help her up the stairs. She is a big girl and MUST do it herself!

3. Taking an interest in reading. Babies usually love books for chewing on or for looking at the pictures. Now, Ingrid is taking an interest in actually reading the stories.

4. Talking up a storm. Goodness, this one is so much fun. Ingrid is saying so many new words and we are beginning to understand each other more and more.

5. Being choosy. This is equally fun as it is frustrating. Little miss has her preferences now, when it comes to food, clothes, books, toys, songs, and more. It’s fun to see her personality take shape!

What about you? What stages did you forget about with #2?

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