5 Reasons I’m Grateful for My Baby This Week

Babies. Just the word is cute, isn’t it? Well, while we all adore those precious little moments, as parents we have to admit that not every moment is magical. But sometimes, with a bit of reflection, we can have a good laugh and be grateful about the chaos too.

With that in mind, I’ll be doing this post of gratitude at the end of each week in November as a reminder to laugh and learn from these sweet little ones in our lives. (I do a similar post each week about my entire family on my personal blog too.)

Here goes week one…

Reason #1: She left me this adorable self portrait (and about 10 others just like it) on my phone to discover after a long, hard day.

Pink's hair

Reason #2: She taught me that sometimes — even if you try, try again (really hard) — you actually won’t have success. For instance, a sippy cup will never second as a chair.

Reason #3: She’s always looking out for me. In fact, she’s generous enough to throw half her breakfast on the floor so I’m sure to get some squats in each day.

Reason #4: It doesn’t matter how many times a day she falls flat on her face (which is a lot as a new walker!), she pops right back up. And most of the time she does it with a smile on her face (and three dolls in her hands).

Reason #5: She’s been especially quick to give kisses, say sorry, and go to sleep at night.

What about you? I’d love if you’d share a reason you’re grateful for your little bundle of joy this week!

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