5 Reasons I’m Grateful For My Baby This Week, Vol 2

During this month of gratitude, I’m reflecting each week on the ways my baby girl, “Pink”, has brought me joy. Even in some of the crazier moments of parenthood. (I started last week with this post.) Here are a few reasons I’m grateful today.

Reason #1: While she’s quickly becoming more independent, she still looks back in hopes that I’m behind her every step of the way.


Reason #2: Unlike me, she’s not afraid to say no. Unequivocally. And with gusto.

Reason #3: She can turn anything into a purse (a bathing suit, a bucket, a headband, etc.), and insists on taking it with her wherever we go. (Yep, that was my kid carrying boys’ underwear on her arm in the grocery store.)

Reason #4: Her enthusiasm for dancing and singing gives me an excuse to blast Taylor Swift and Radio Disney every time we get in the car.

Reason #5: Even when her big brothers are getting on my last nerve, she chants their names, reminding me that someone still thinks they’re just about the greatest kids on earth.

What about you? What are you grateful for this week?

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