5 Lessons To Be Learned From Babies

Our son is just now 8-months-old. He is in the throws of crawling, tasting foods for the first time, standing and falling, trying to walk, experiencing things like swimming pools and farmer’s markets. He may be new to the planet, but he’s already taught me a lot. Click through for the 5 lessons I’ve learned from my baby…

  • Get Back Up

    Get Back Up

    Learning to walk is a daunting task. He falls over a lot. Sometimes he’ll sit there on his bum and whine a pity party. But always, he tries to get back up. Undaunted. Determined.

  • Smile At People

    Smile At People

    My little flirt makes friends wherever he goes. Even people who I assume will be annoyed because they appear to be in a bad mood. But he smiles at them and breaks down their walls. I need to smile at strangers more often, the world needs more smiling.

  • R E A C H

    R E A C H

    Sometimes you’ve gotta really stretch, take a risk, and reach toward whatever it is that you want in front of you. It’s not going to just come to you. You’ve got to move toward it.

  • Be Clear About Your Feelings

    Be Clear About Your Feelings

    There no mystery as to what our son is feeling. He wears his heart on his sleeve. It’s refreshing. I’m trying to be more upfront with my own feelings instead of playing the “I’m fine” game.

  • Take It All In

    Take It All In

    Our son will take in a new scene with wide eyes, while we’ve already glanced at it and moved on. He stares at the details, takes it all in. I’m sure he notices things we do not. I’m learning to slow down and truly watch more.

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