5 Hospital Bag Must-Haves I Won’t Leave Home Without

The day when I need to start packing my hospital bag is coming ridiculously close.  It literally seems like just 3 weeks ago, not 30 weeks, I was taking the test in my bathroom, looking up at my husband with excited and nervous eyes declaring that I was indeed pregnant with #3!  But as they say, it is what it is, and soon I will be packing up my bag in anticipation of venturing off to the hospital for delivery day.  The first two times I left out a couple of necessities in that bag, but this time, there’s 5 things I won’t be leaving home without.

34 week pregnant woman1. A night nursing bra.  The first time around I completely missed a bra at all and my poor girls hated me for it.  I was miserable.  The second time, I brought a nursing bra, but it was a regular daytime bra and not as comfortable as the soft cup and all-in-one night nursing bra, which I lived in and loved with both of my newborn postpartum periods.  One, or maybe two, of these comfy bras will be packed and ready to go this time around though!

2. Breast Pads & Cream.  Even though I don’t usually get my milk in until day 3 or 4, breast pads add an extra layer of comfort to what can be a painful situation.  And the cream they usually give you in the hospital isn’t as soothing as my favorite, yummy smelling cream I can get at Target.  I won’t be leaving home without either of these.


3. Socks.  Sounds pretty nonessential, but hospitals get cold, especially at night, and I get cold, especially when I’m tired!  Put the two together and you’ve got yourself some really cold footsies. I’ll be bringing a couple of pairs of my favorite soft footie socks with the rubber grips on the bottom so they can double up as slippers.

4. Headphones Hospitals are loud, so when baby is sleeping and I don’t have visitors, I plan to rest up as much as I can and listen to some soothing music to help me sleep a bit and drown out noise.  Never, ever thought of this the first 2 times, but I guess now with my super comfy iPhone headphones it seems a complete must-have!

5. Champagne I wanted to do this both times but somehow forgot!  I want a bottle of champagne to toast baby #3 (and me!) once he or she is born.  Pregnancy and growing a human is hard work, filled with many sacrifices.  Why not give yourself and your baby a little toast to a job well done?

So what were some items you HAD to have in your hospital bag, or some items you forgot and wished you had?  Let me know in the comment box below and help jog my memory to keep me from forgetting any other must-haves.

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