5 Christmas Trees for Kids

I’m going to be honest, I’m kind of happy Beck can’t crawl yet so we don’t have to baby proof the tree. I know next year is going to be a whole lot different though and I’m already thinking of some fun alternatives we could come up with so he feels like he gets his own tree without having to tear the family tree down. Or will he want to do both? Here are 5 kid friendly Christmas trees that they’ll have a blast decorating over and over again.

  • Canvas Chalkboard Tree

    Canvas Chalkboard Tree

    Paint a piece of canvas (use a paint drop cloth!) with chalkboard paint and you have a tree kids can decorate over and over again with no broken bulbs.

    photo from House and Home

  • Felted Garland Tree

    Felted Garland Tree

    Have your kids help string a garland made from felted balls then hang pegs on the wall and they can trace it with the garland, several times if they like.

    photo from Down to the Woods

  • Personal Mini Tree

    Personal Mini Tree

    Naomi bought her little toddler a real mini tree just for her. It can be decorated with non-breakable baubles and personalized ornaments.

    photo from The Rockstar Diaries

  • Yarn and Paper Ornaments

    Yarn and Paper Ornaments

    Pinning a yarn tree to a wall makes it easy to interchange homemade paper ornaments that your kids can personalize.

    photo from Apartment Therapy

  • Felt Tree

    Felt Tree

    Just like a felt story board, this tree will last year after year and if your kids tire of it, you can always create new ornaments together.

    photo from Sol and Rachel

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