40 Baby Names Inspired By Hanukkah, The Festival Of Lights

Hanukkah, The Festival of Lights, spans over the course of 8 days. If you are Jewish or wish to pay tribute to your beliefs, why not give your baby a name that symbolizes the holiday? Naming your baby is such a fun and exciting opportunity to honor loved ones, keep with tradition or introduce new ones.

Here are 40 baby names inspired by Hanukkah that shine brightly.


  • Abner (meaning Father of Light)
  • Alon (meaning oak tree)
  • Arin (meaning enlightened)
  • Barak (meaning lightening, spark)
  • Clay (from lyrics “I had a little dreidel, I made it out of clay”)
  • Dreydan/Dreyden (similar to dreidel, a Hanukkah game played with a spinning top)
  • Eron (meaning peace, enlightened)
  • Ilan (meaning tree)
  • Leor (meaning my light)
  • Macabee / Maccabee
  • Maoz
  • Matan (meaning gift)
  • Melchior (meaning God is my light)
  • Rock (from the Hanukkah song “Rock of Ages”)
  • Uriah or Uriel (meaning God is my light)
  • Yair (meaning He will enlighten)
  • Zohar (meaning light, brilliance)


  • Chayil (meaning army)
  • Eleora or Eliora (“Lord is my light”)
  • Israella
  • Laila (meaning night)
  • Leora or Liora (meaning light/ my light)
  • Lenorah (rhymes with menorah)
  • Meora (meaning light/brightness)
  • Neorah (meaning light)
  • Noga (meaning splendor/light)
  • Norah (from menorah)
  • Orli (meaning you are my light)
  • Uriela (also meaning the light of God)
  • Urit (meaning light)
  • Yitta (meaning light)


  • Blaize
  • Israel
  • Jerusalem
  • Judah (Judah Maccabee)
  • Judea (the country – now Israel – where the rededication of the temple took place)
  • Miracle
  • Orel (meaning the light of God)
  • Temple
  • Victory
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