40 Baby Names Inspired By TV Show Characters

My husband and I had a terrible time coming up with names for our children. We didn’t want any family names, but needed names that worked well in both English and Spanish and were easy to pronounce for the non-Spanish speaking side of the family.


We wanted something fresh yet classic. Our son’s name, Matías was inspired by a German ski jumper when my husband was watching winter sports on ESPN. It worked in Spanish (that’s the version we use) and wasn’t too common. Our daughter’s name, Lucía (that’s Little L) was much more difficult to agree on, but I wanted a strong, traditional and not overly used Spanish name. I felt so much pressure to choose the right one, after all this is for life!

The point is that every parent draws inspiration from somewhere — a family name, a favorite sports star, a name they once read in a book or a favorite television show character. I always say, when you know you know. So if you are looking for some inspiration, here are 40 names that have made comebacks or gained in popularity thanks to recent television shows and characters.

Marnie anyone?

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  • 40 Baby Names Inspired By Television Show Characters

    40 Baby Names Inspired By Television Show Characters

    Everyone draws inspiration for baby names from somewhere and television shows and their characters are no exception. Here are 40 names inspired by recent shows. Enjoy!

  • Boy Names

    Boy Names

    Boys, boys, boys!

  • Luke


    Pretty sure Modern Family has a little something to do with the rise of baby boy’s named Luke. In 2012 it ranked 37th on SSA list of names — although a similar Lucas ranks 27th (One Tree Hill anyone?)

  • Cameron


    Another Modern Family inspired name, Cameron has seen a rise not only for boys, but for girls as well. Currently sits at number 54 on the SSA list.

  • Parker


    While the show may have ended, the names inspired by the ladies of Wisteria Lane in Desperate Housewives live on in our children — Parker (the youngest son of Lynette and Tom) is a favorite for boys and ranking 54th on the SSA list.

  • Campell


    Although not in the top 500 on the SSA list of names, Campbell has seen a big jump on this list since Mad Men debuted. Another example of a last name as a first name and just as popular for girls. Pete Campbell would be honored!

  • Ezra


    If you’ve seen Mr. Fitz in Pretty Little Liars you will know why Ezra is rapidly climbing the baby name chart. The handsome and very lovable teacher is just too adorable to ignore and so is his name. Currently 184 on SSA list.

  • Milo


    An alternative to the more known Miles, Milo became a popular choice after Georgina on Gossip Girl chose it for her son. It has maintained a place on the SSA top 500 for the past three years.

  • Charlie


    It is inevitable that a series such as Downton Abbey would inspire a new wave of traditional names. The son of former house maid Ethel Parks and Major Bryant, Charlie, as opposed to Charles has inspired parents to ditch the traditional name and go straight for the nickname. Currently at 233 SSA.

  • Elliot


    One of the longest running series, Law & Order: SVU is now in it’s 14th season and despite one of the show’s main characters, detective Elliot Stabler having left his name certainly made an impact on baby names in the US. FACT: The show’s creator Dick Wolf named the two main characters after his own children — Elliot and Olivia.

  • Finn


    I think everyone saw this coming — the increase in babies being named Finn after one of Glee’s most loved characters. And just to add some realness to this, I once met a woman in the UK who had named her twins Finn and Rachel. Talk about a Gleek Mama!

  • Dexter


    Made popular by the character and show of the same name — Dexter will certainly be coming to a playgroup near you. Never mind the character’s dangerous ways, this name was and continues to be a quirky favorite for babies.

  • Nolan


    Taking primetime by storm, Revenge keeps fans on the edge of their seats and apparently naming their babies! It is number 88 on the Social Security Administrations (SSA) baby name list. Other Nolans include: baseball hall of famer Nolan Ryan and the son of actor Thomas Ian Nicholas.

  • Cooper


    Another Mad Men last name as a first name and one that has made a reappearance in the top 100 SSA baby names list — although the show’s characters first name is Bertram, it’s the last name making an impact at number 83. Now how about Draper as a first name?!

  • Archie


    I personally love when these not so common names and even slightly nerdy names pop back into circulation — Archie being one of them and inspired by the ABC show Once Upon A Time. Amy Poehler and husband Will Arnett named their Archibald, AKA Archie. Cute cute!

  • Preston


    Another Wisteria Lane inspired name, Preston is one of Tom and Lynette’s twin boys on Desperate Housewives and makes for a preppy yet classy name for boys. It is currently ranked 129th on the SSA list.

  • Branson


    Despite social classes being a major storyline on Downton Abbey it doesn’t seem to matter when naming babies in the past few years. Branson, which I gather is more a last name has been climbing the charts since marrying Lady Sybil. I personally like it — a great alternative to Brandon and Brendan!

  • Sterling


    Charmed by Roger Sterling of Mad Men, but not by his name? No problem, because Sterling may very well be making an appearance in first names. A strong and unique name, I think it’s one to watch out for despite not being in the top 500 SSA names. Get ahead now!

  • Shane


    Popular in the early 2000’s — Shane from The Walking Dead gives parents a name to consider despite it dropping in the SSA list in the past few years. It has become a popular name for girls as well — Lorenzo Lamas’ daughter is Shayne.

  • Graham


    While he only appeared in 8 episodes of Once Upon A Time, Sheriff Graham has made an impact leaving parents to consider this once last name as a popular boys name.

  • Girl Names

    Girl Names

    Here come the girls!

  • Charlotte


    Even more popular now than when Sex and The City was on the air, Charlotte continues to be a parent favorite. It ranks number 19 on the SSA list of names and is both a sweet, classic and feminine name.

  • Aria


    A friend of mine named her baby girl Aria and I instantly thought of the dark haired beauty Aria Montgomery of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. Clearly, the character and her name have made quite an impression — ranking 91st on the SSA list and jumping 420 places since 2009! Also spelled Arya.

  • Cora


    Isn’t this name just…lovely? Downton Abbey gives us yet another elegant, classic and oh-so-feminine name as an option for our little girls.

  • Olivia


    Law and Order: SVU’s Olivia shows no signs of slowing down! In the top 10 since 2001 and only getting more popular each year —currently at number four. A good strong choice, a personal favorite!

  • Haley


    I had not thought of this name until Modern Family re-introduced it a few years ago. The teenage daughter of Phil and Claire, this name is fun and friendly.

  • Marnie


    Not chart topping yet, but Marnie, of HBO’s Girls is already making its rounds thanks to Allison Williams’ character. British singer Lily Allen chose this name for her daughter.

  • Quinn


    Just like Finn, as soon as television goers were introduced to Quinn, head cheerio and Glee club member we knew we’d be hearing this name at a playground near us. It jumped 361 places since 2008 on the SSA list.

  • Addison


    Keeping in the top 20 since 2007, Addison was made popular first on Grey’s Anatomy then on Private Practice. The fiery red-head went from a not so likable character to being a prime time favorite. Addison ranks at number 14 and doesn’t look to be slowing down!

  • Lily


    A Modern Family inspired name and a favorite flower name for girls, Lily has been in the top 20 since 2009. It certainly helps that Cameron and Mitchell’s adopted daughter is super cute!

  • Daisy


    Another floral inspired name and a Downton Abbey favorite, Daisy is still seen as a name of the past, but making a most-welcomed comeback. It’s a delicate and sweet name.

  • Molly


    Molly — another name of the recent past making it’s way back into our lives thanks to TV’s Mike and Molly. Pretty sure funny girl Melissa McCarthy has had a role in keeping the name in the top 100 in past few years.

  • Natalia


    A lovely alternative to the traditional Natalie, Natalia has been popping up and on the small screen can be see on CSI: Miami. It’s a good universal name, one that everyone can pronounce.

  • Elsie


    It’s inevitable to overlook such a beautiful and simple name such as Elsie. Made more popular by Downtown Abbey, Elsie is a great alternative to the more traditional Elizabeth and is quickly taking over Ella and Ellie as a favorite.

  • Regina


    A not so obvious choice, but rising 20% in the past year after Lana Parrilla’s character on Once Upon A Time Regina Mills. A latin name meaning “Queen”, Her Royal Highness the Queen of England is Elizabeth Regina.

  • Violet


    A semi-nerdy yet sweet flower inspired name, Violet is in the top 100 and continuing to work its way into our hearts — as seen on Private Practice (Dr. Violet Turner). Repeat the name a few times and you may just be hooked!

  • Gabrielle


    In the top 100 since 2004 when Desperate Housewives first aired, Gabrielle is still a popular choice for baby girls thanks to Eva Longoria. Another popular alternative is Gabriella a number 37.

  • Elena


    Made popular by the beautiful Nina Dobrev who plays Elena Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries, this name is of Spanish, Hebrew and Greek origins meaning “light.”

  • Ruby


    Sweet, short and to the point, Ruby has been made more noteworthy on ABC’s Once Upon A Time.

  • Edith


    I have a great-aunt Edith and that’s about all I’ve ever known. I personally like older names coming back “into circulation” and despite Edith, the middle sister in Downtown Abbey not being a fan favorite, the name has been gaining popularity among baby girls. Not sure about bringing names like Gladys back, but maybe in another 100 years?

  • Declan


    Declan hasn’t made the top 100 but has been on the lips of many parents to be after the character on Revenge. A great Irish name meaning “man of prayer” or “full of goodness.”

  • Noah


    Maintaining at number 4 on the SSA list, Noah has been in the top 20 since 2006. More recently you can find a Noah on The Walking Dead and The Vampire Diaries — but I’d like to think this name is staying popular thanks to the mohawked cutie, Noah Puckerman on Glee. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  • Harper


    Made popular thanks to the Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place, Harper made a dramatic jump in the SSA ranking going from 118th place in 2010 to 24th place last year. Actress Tiffani Thiessen, the Beckhams, Lisa Marie Presley and Neil Patrick Harris all have daughters named Harper.

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