4 Different Baby Crawling Styles You May See Your Baby Do

When your baby hits the crawling stage, it is so much fun to watch him learn how to crawl, navigate the space with his new skill, and get around in creative ways. It can also be pretty funny to watch your baby learn how to crawl because they often do some pretty crazy things when crawling. Sometimes it can be pretty amazing to see their little bodies move the way they do! I find that most babies have a distinct crawl and will fit into one or more of four clear crawling styles. Does your baby’s crawl fit some of these styles?

4 Different Baby Crawling Styles to Look For

  • The Bottom Scoot Crawl

    The Bottom Scoot Crawl

    Scooting around on your bottom is so much fun!
    Source: Phyllis Buchanan/Flickr

  • The Snake Crawl

    The Snake Crawl

    Moving around like a snake can be quite functional!
    Source: lisatozzi/Flickr

  • The Reverse Crawl

    The Reverse Crawl

    My personal favorite: It’s a lot of fun to watch your baby crawling backwards!
    Source: D Sharon Pruitt/Flickr

  • The Traditional Crawl

    The Traditional Crawl

    Eventually, most babies do learn to crawl the traditional way, but it’s still fun to crawl in other styles!
    Source: David Goehring/Flickr

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