25 Fun Spring Crafts for Little Hands

With springtime comes flowers and nature and — yes — quite a few rainy days.

For those afternoons where you’re stuck indoors, here are some spring crafts to keep the little ones busy and happy:

  • Spring Crafts for Toddlers

    Spring Crafts for Toddlers

    Click through for 25 craft tutorials to celebrate springtime….

  • Pom-Pom Songbirds

    Pom-Pom Songbirds

    Just about the cutest little springtime birdies made from pom-poms and scrap pieces of felt.

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  • Bambi Printable

    Bambi Printable

    Print and play with the cutest fawn around.

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  • Jasmine’s Dragonfly Chip Clips

    Jasmine’s Dragonfly Chip Clips

    These super-easy dragonflies are made with wooden clothespins, wooden craft spoons, and craft paint.

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  • Love-ly Ladybugs

    Love-ly Ladybugs

    With spring comes LADYBUGS! And these springtime favorites look even friendlier with these heart-shaped templates.

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  • Fairy Flower Crown

    Fairy Flower Crown

    A pretty springtime crown for your toddler, made with printable flowers.

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  • Queen Clarion’s Crown

    Queen Clarion’s Crown

    Or pick up some silk flowers and make this pretty headband-crown for your little queen.

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  • Minnie’s Bow-Tique Butterfly Blow Mobile

    Minnie’s Bow-Tique Butterfly Blow Mobile

    Easily make this springtime mobile for your baby — all you need are these printables!

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  • Rosetta’s Easter Tulips

    Rosetta’s Easter Tulips

    Inspired by the movie Tinker Bell, you can download Rosetta’s Easter Tulips Template for these paper flowers.

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  • Craft Stick Critters

    Craft Stick Critters

    So easy to make, and irresistibly adorable.

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  • Standup Sunflowers

    Standup Sunflowers

    Make a garden of sunflowers with pipe-cleaner stems.

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  • Daisy’s Daisies

    Daisy’s Daisies

    Make a bouquet of paper flowers.

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  • Minnie’s Polka-Dot Button Bracelet

    Minnie’s Polka-Dot Button Bracelet

    Take a handful of buttons and make some dress-up jewelry for your growing toddler.

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  • Bambi’s Butterfly Bobby Pins

    Bambi’s Butterfly Bobby Pins

    How about an easy craft that she can wear?

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  • Mickey & Friends Mini Paper Airplanes

    Mickey & Friends Mini Paper Airplanes

    Head outside and fly these easy-to-make paper airplanes.

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  • Spring in a Bottle

    Spring in a Bottle

    Is spring taking FOREVER to come for you, too? (New York, you’re killing me!) If you’re itching to do some planting with your little ones, why not create your own spring in a bottle?

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  • Fabric Scrap Flower Garden

    Fabric Scrap Flower Garden

    Make a flower garden with craft sticks and scrap fabric.

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  • Felt Flower Pins

    Felt Flower Pins

    Another craft your kids can wear!

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  • Glossy Paper Flowers

    Glossy Paper Flowers

    Use old magazine pages to make these gorgeous paper flowers.

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  • Spring Bouquet

    Spring Bouquet

    Here’s a fun springtime craft activity: Put white carnations in food-coloring water and watch them change colors!

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  • Pounded Flower Prints

    Pounded Flower Prints

    This craft combines two much-loved toddler activities: crafting and banging.

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  • Spring No-Snow Globe

    Spring No-Snow Globe

    A springtime twist on the traditional snow globe.

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  • Giant Tissue Paper Flowers

    Giant Tissue Paper Flowers

    Whether it’s for a springtime party or just a rainy spring afternoon, brighten up your toddler’s room with these GIANT tissue paper flowers.

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  • Handprint Lilies

    Handprint Lilies

    Use your little one’s handprints to make these paper lilies.

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  • Drinking Straw Garden

    Drinking Straw Garden

    Make an indoor garden with drinking straws and dried moss.

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  • Minnie’s Flowers

    Minnie’s Flowers

    Easily print and assemble these Minnie Mouse paper flowers.

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