23 Baby Names Inspired by Peter Pan

I have to say, it’s way more fun to think about baby names now that I’m no longer feeling immense stress about being just weeks from having a baby and still not having a name. Now I can go back to thinking about names in the abstract, without any pressure!

And when I saw that the Diamond Edition of the Peter Pan movie was being released this month, I couldn’t help thinking about all the great names there are in that movie. Here are some of my favorites, both traditional and a little more unique!

  • Peter


    How could you possibly not have this name topping this list?

  • Ben


    One of the most iconic images in Peter Pan for me is the children flying past Big Ben in London. And Ben (or Benjamin) is such a great, traditional name.

  • Star


    “Second star to the right and straight on till morning!” I love the name “Star” for a little girl, and for an adult woman I think it has such pizazz!

  • Mary


    Mary is the Darling children’s mother, and I think the name is a perfect fit for her – loving, warm, and constant.

  • Anna


    Naming your child “Nana” after the canine nanny in Peter Pan might be a bit much, but rearrange the letters and, voila! Anna.

  • Teddy


    I love that little teddy bear that Michael drags along everywhere with him. And I love the name for both boys AND girls.

  • Belle


    Tinker Bell is one of Disney’s most popular characters, and I love this spin off of her name. Perfect for a little girl.

  • Edward


    Peter Pan is set in Edwardian England. You can bet there were a lot of Edwards running around in that period, named after the king.

  • Kensington


    On their way to Neverland, the Darling children and Peter fly over Kensington Gardens in London. I love this name for a girl (or a boy!).

  • George


    George Darling is the father in Peter Pan and although he’s not the most likeable character at the beginning, he shows his good side by the end.

  • Margaret


    Margaret doesn’t appear in the Disney film of Peter Pan, but she’s Wendy’s granddaughter who, eventually, goes off to Neverland with Peter for her own adventure.

  • Jane


    Wendy’s daughter gets her own chance to visit Neverland with Peter when she’s a child.

  • John


    John is the elder of the Darling brothers and he makes a sharp stand-in leader for the Lost Boys when Peter is unavailable. Plus, you have to love a child who carries an umbrella everywhere he goes.

  • Michael


    The youngest of the Darling children, he finds it the easiest to learn to fly!

  • Lily


    This shorter version of Tiger Lily’s name is one of the most popular girls names – it’s been in the top 20 since 2009!

  • Tiger


    This first part of Tiger Lily’s name is far less popular than the second half, but I think it’s a darling name for a boy. In fact, one of my neighbors has a little boy named Tiger!

  • Bird


    I think Bird is such a dainty name for a girl. “The Little White Bird” is the novel where Peter Pan first appeared (the chapters that featured Peter were later separately republished as a children’s book).

  • Ever


    I probably wouldn’t name a child “Never” after Neverland, but I love the shortened version “Ever” for a girl.

  • Pixie


    Doesn’t this name make you think that any girl named this would be spunky and lively? (And probably need a pixie haircut?)

  • Wendy


    I’ve always loved Wendy, and I’ve always loved her name too.

  • Barrie


    After J.M. Barrie, the author of the original Peter Pan.

  • Scott


    J.M. Barrie was Scottish, so if “Barrie” is too much for you, this is a more traditional way to pay homage the author.

  • Rock


    Skull Rock might be an ominous name for a boy, but just “Rock” is very masculine and a little edgy!

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