2012: Paul’s First 12 Months in Photos

This time last year I was exactly two weeks from my due date with my 4th baby, a little boy. We didn’t travel home for Christmas, and we had no New Year’s Eve plans. My hospital bag was packed, and my doula’s phone number was on speed dial. We were a family in waiting, excited for all that 2012 held.

Paul would enter the world exactly on time, three days after his projected due date. My labor was painful yet uneventful for the most part, and 2012 started out just as planned, holding a bundled little baby.

Even though I say it every year around this time, I absolutely cannot believe how fast the past 12 months have flown by. I mean, I started out with a gigantic belly, and I’ve rounding out the 2013 new year with a huge toddler baby!

A few of my favorite shots from Paul’s first twelve months:

  • Let's start from the beginning

    38 weeks pregnant, my great friend Casey came over and grabbed a few shots before I went into labor. I was pleasantly huge!

    photo credit: Casey Mullins

  • January

    Paul was born January, (Friday) the 13th. With the support of my husband, doula, and Casey (photographer!), I had an unmedicated birth at my local hospital. My labor lasted 5 loooooong hours, but in the end, everything was perfect!

    Photo Credit: Casey Mullins

  • February


    Paul’s second month of life could easily be summed up as “The Deep Winter Sleep”. Baby liked his naps, and this new momma easily obliged his desires.

  • April


    April brought unseasonably warm weather to Indiana, and we pounced on opportunities to finally get out of the house for some fresh air.

  • May


    My favorite part of May was that baby Paul finally started cracking a smile, and showed us a hit of his deep belly laugh I would soon grow to love.

  • November


    Baby Paul finally starts to crawl just a bit, and notices we have four levels of stairs in our house. Sigh, guess it’s time to haul out the baby gates!

  • December


    Watch out! He’s on the move! Yes, baby Paul is mobile, and he’s watching my every move. Right now, he loves the screen door. Reflections are awesome, especially in the winter…

  • June


    Warmer weather brought lots of firsts. First trip to the park, first outdoor concert, and first baseball game!

  • March


    Baby Paul still loved to be swaddled, and still spent his nights and most naps in the baby bassinet.

  • July


    Paul visits the beaches of Lake Michigan for the first time. His verdict: the water is cold, and the sand feels weird.

  • August


    August can be summed up as the month baby Paul finally started sitting up on his own, and realized all the cool things surrounding him. Also, put everything in your mouth month!

  • September


    While baby Paul loved to sit up on his own, crawling was a whole different story. Toy out of reach? No problem, he didn’t want it anyway!

  • October


    In October, our family took a vacation to Disney World, for the very first time ever. I can’t speak for Paul (who slept through the bulk of it), but we will be back soon! Totally magical, totally awesome!

Brother, we’re excited to be on this side of 2012. Can’t wait to see the little guy you turn into during 2013!

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