15 Zoo-Inspired Baby Names

Bee loves nothing more than visiting the zoo, and it wasn’t until our recent trip that I realized how many of our friends have named their little ones after our four-legged friends! For an inspired look at all creatures great and small, enjoy these 15 zoo-inspired baby names!

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    Get inspired!

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  • Griffin


    The name Griffin is linked to the heraldic use of animals. More specifically, it’s the Greek creature that boasts an eagle’s head and lion’s hind. Fierce!

  • Linnea


    Linnea is a popular Scandinavian name originating from Swedish botanist Carl von Linne who developed the Linnean system of classifying animals. And you certainly can’t have a zoo without animal classes, yes?

  • Eva


    Eva means “life” or “animal,” a suitable name for a baby born into a family of zoo fans.

  • Leo


    We can’t forget the king of the animals, yes? Leo means “lion.”

  • Fauna


    In Greek mythology, Fauna was goddess of the animals. A lovely name for a future zoo director, perhaps?

  • Gibbon


    My personal favorite, gibbons are a species of monkeys with loads of personality. A perfect pick for an energetic baby boy!

  • Paloma


    Paloma symbolizes peace, a dove-inspired name for a soft-spoken and sweet-natured baby girl.

  • Phoenix


    Not only is the phoenix an iconic bird, but the city of Phoenix has one of the nation’s top five zoos for kids. Bonus points!

  • Conan


    Conan means “high hound” or “wolf” – a great Celtic name for those who prefer a more subtle zoo-inspired name!

  • Pippa


    Pippa means “lover of horses” – perfect for those future pony rides at the zoo!

  • Wren


    Wren means, quite literally, “bird” – one of the noisiest, most vibrant exhibits at the zoo! (Besides the monkeys, of course!)

  • Wolf


    A strong, modern name, Wolf is a great pick for trendy parents who love watching these sophisticated dogs at the zoo!

  • Lark


    A soft, sweet bird-inspired name, Lark would be a darling name for your favorite tender-hearted baby girl.

  • Fox


    Burly and brave, foxes are fun to watch on the prowl at our local zoo. And how great of a name is “Fox”? So perfectly strong.

  • Phineas


    Phineas means “a serpent’s mouth,” which I certainly like to steer clear from when visiting my own zoo!

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