12 Personal Mantras for Moms

Motherhood can be tough, trying, exhausting. Yet at the same time, it has overwhelming highs and is far too fleeting.

And some moms find it helpful to adopt a personal mantra; a sentence or phrase that they repeat to themselves when things get tough, or trying, or exhausting.

Here are 12 mantras that you might want to adopt as your own:

  • It's Hard...and then It's Not

    It's Hard...and then It's Not

    This was my own personal mantra that I developed during those first tumultuous months — when each phase felt overwhelming, as if it would last forever, yet it passed as quickly as it came. Everything that was once so hard — breastfeeding, solid food feeding, showering — suddenly wasn’t anymore. And when a new phase would come (like teething), I would remember that soon it wouldn’t feel so hard.
    Read more about that mantra.

  • "With love and patience, nothing is impossible" - Dr. Daisaku Ikeda

    Something to repeat to yourself when you feel your temper rising.

  • Be Positive, Patient and Persistent

    Be Positive, Patient and Persistent

    I love this mantra from Truly Vera — which applies to not only motherhood, but all aspects of life.

  • "Sometimes in the winds of change we find our true direction."

    A hopeful mantra for the unexpected mothers, still coming to terms with the unexpected changes. I very much relate to this.

  • I Choose Happiness

    I Choose Happiness

    A conscious, daily choice.

  • This Won't Matter Tomorrow

    This Won't Matter Tomorrow

    A mantra to put life’s little annoyances into perspective.

  • ...But You Can Decide Not to be Reduced By Them

    ...But You Can Decide Not to be Reduced By Them

    Maya Angelou so eloquently sums up my mantra throughout my unexpected pregnancy.

  • Parenting isn't One-Size-Fits-All

    Parenting isn't One-Size-Fits-All

    A healthy reminder when the contradictory advice feels overwhelming. What was right for your friend (and your mother, and the stranger passing by in the grocery store) isn’t necessarily right for you.

  • Do in Your Heart What You Feel to be Right...

    Do in Your Heart What You Feel to be Right...

    A nicer way to put “listen to your instincts.”

  • You May House Their Bodies but Not Their Souls

    You May House Their Bodies but Not Their Souls

    This line pops into my head more often than I could count. From the poem “The Prophet,” it’s a reminder that, even as babies, these children have their own minds, their own personalities, and their own souls. “They come through you but not from you,” the poem says. For someone who already knows she’ll have a hard time letting go one day, I’ve adopted this poem as a personal mantra.

  • I Am a Mighty Dragon

    I Am a Mighty Dragon

    This mantra comes from a essay written by Larissa Kosmos. It’s a cute and poignant story about how a personal mantra can pop up out of nowhere, yet make all the difference.

  • This Too Shall Pass

    This Too Shall Pass

    The most famous mantra of all, “this too shall pass” never stops being a helpful reminder. And not only can it get you through your toughest moments — colic, teething, temper tantrums — but it’s a reminder to stop and cherish the coos and the giggles and the snuggles. Because these too shall pass.

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