12 Fun Finds for Cold Winter Days

It’s starting to get pretty chilly here in the east coast — colder than I ever remember it being this early in November. And why I like to try and get my Littles out for a walk everyday, sometimes it’s just way to chilly to bundle them up and head outside. But with a craft closet full of goodies and a basket full of handmade fun, I am sure you can keep them occupied on those oh-so-cold days to go outside.

So, with that said, I thought I would share with you a few must-have handmade finds and DIY projects to make those cold days more fun indoors!

  • DIY Playdough

    DIY Playdough

    Why not get the little ones involved for making some homemade play dough? Everyone loves play dough!

    Tutorial via Modern Parents Messy Kids

  • Food Stamping

    Food Stamping

    Not only is this so much fun and less mess than a paint brush but the celery is easy for your little one to hold on to while they create a masterpiece.

    Tutorial via Parentella

  • Learn Your Colors Quiet Book

    Learn Your Colors Quiet Book

    Work on colors while cuddling under a warm and cozy blanket with this adorable DIY fabric color book.

    Tutorial via Everyday Celebrate

  • Not Your Average Tot Toy

    Not Your Average Tot Toy

    How easy! Fine motor skills, sensory and loads of fun! Water, a few pom poms, glitter — hours of fun!

    Tutorial via Pink Pistachio

  • Matching Doll Game

    Matching Doll Game

    Get crafty! Make a few wooden pegs come to life and create a matching game.

    Tutorial via Brandys Crafts

  • DIY Drum Set

    DIY Drum Set

    Pots and pans fun! Just add a little monogram to make it a little more personalized.

    Tutorial via How Does She

  • Tic-Tac-Toe


    A fabric tic tac toe game is a great way to have fun indoors.

    Kids Tic Tac Toe Game via Twins and Crafts

  • Wooden Matching Game

    Wooden Matching Game

    A fun indoor toy! Play with a fun one-of-a-kind wooden matching game. Learn the animals as you play!

    Wooden Matching Game via Lemon Tree Studio

  • Picture Dominos

    Picture Dominos

    DIY dominos is a fun game for a toddler! Even better, I am sure you could incorporate your instagram pictures into this one! Such a great idea.

    Tutorial via Artsy Ants

  • For Your Little Artist

    For Your Little Artist

    You can never have too many crayons! These are perfect for those little hands.

    Tutorial via Brandys Crafts

  • Shabby Chic Cottage from a Cardboard Box

    Shabby Chic Cottage from a Cardboard Box

    A beautiful shabby chic cottage out of a cardboard box? I think yes. It is perfect for indoor play during a winter day! How amazing?

    Tutorial via Mouse House Creations

  • DIY Dino Terranium

    DIY Dino Terranium

    How fun would this be on a cold day? Building a terrarium for a little dino! Makes great room decor too!

    Tutorial via Yellow Brick Home

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