11 Popular Toddler Phrases

Toddler language is always fun to listen to and decipher. Toddlers really say pretty funny things as they learn to talk and express themselves. As their vocabulary grows and a toddler learns more words, phrases, and how to share his feelings, you’ll find your baby goes through similar phases as other toddlers. There are certain times when you might feel as if your toddler is acting just like all the other toddlers on the block. It’s quite amazing how many phrases are shared by your toddler and his peers. Check out some of the popular toddler phrases my baby boy is currently saying that you may hear your toddler say too!

Popular Toddler PhrasesSource: Philippe Put/Flickr

11 Popular Toddler Phrases

  1. No!
  2. I do it!
  3. Me help!
  4. I want it!
  5. I no like it!
  6. Mommy, can I?
  7. Hi, mommy! (Or daddy, sibling’s name, etc.)
  8. What doing? (What are you doing?)
  9. What’s it name? (What’s it called?)
  10. I try, I try!
  11. My turn?

What is one of your toddler’s favorite phrases?

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