11 Months!

And just like that when asked how old Beck is I’m saying, “Almost a year.” Deep breath. At times it feels impossibly fast and at other times I can barely remember what he was like as a newborn. Beck has no shortage of personality (apparent in his endless amount of facial expressions) so just like other moms told me, “It’s hard to see them grow but it’s so fun to see them develop that it makes it okay.”

Here’s what 11 months looks like in our household:

11 month milestones

– around 20 lbs, most of it still seems to be in his head
– scooting efficiently and leaving a trail of crumbs behind him
– babbles endlessly, engages in lively conversation with hand movements
– his favorite activity is taking a bath
– 10 teeth with another one poking through
– standing up with pride
– loves playing in the curtains, watching mom make dinner, being outside, and playing with plastic bowls
– motions for us to pick him up quite a bit more
– could use some help in the sleep department
– stares in silence at all strangers

He’s a pretty good little squirt.

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