10 Ways To Display Your Instagram Photos

We’re all prone to it… whipping out our smartphones when the wee ones are being extra cute instead of running to get the “real camera”. I’m right there with ya. And I’m a photographer by trade, so you’d think I’d be better about making sure to go that extra photographic mile. Add to that the oh-so-addictiveness of Instagram, and well, let’s just say that about 70% of the photos we have of our son are on my phone. So, I scoured the interwebs for the best, easiest, most eye catching ways to get those photos off my phone and in print. I’m so inspired now to find even more ways to display those fun little square photos of life’s everyday memories. Click through for ten inspiring ideas…

  • Get Those Photos Off Your Phones and On Your Walls

    Get Those Photos Off Your Phones and On Your Walls

    Photos shouldn’t live in a phone, they should live on your walls. It’s so easy to amass thousands of wonderful everyday memories via photo sharing apps on our phones but never save those images or print them out. Here’s 10 Inspiring Ideas to get you excited about displaying your collection…

  • DIY a Canvas Collage

    DIY a Canvas Collage

    I love this idea for a simple DIY collage. Have your photos printed and then arrange them onto a store-bought canvas, available at art supply shops.
    Tutorial via: Katie’s Red Umbrella

  • Make Photo Coasters!

    Make Photo Coasters!

    How fun is this idea using simple tiles? Have your photos printed and then make them into coasters by using simple square tiles with this super easy tutorial.
    Tutorial via: White House Black Shutters

  • Make a Photo Book

    Make a Photo Book

    This one might be my favorite idea! Especially since you could make a volume for each year and then build a little library of albums!
    Template via: Design Aglow

  • Make a Purse-Sized Flipbook

    Make a Purse-Sized Flipbook

    This would be a great stocking stuffer for the grandparents. Small enough for grandma to carry around in her purse to show off her grand babies to her friends!

  • Have a Heart

    Have a Heart

    I have seen this idea in a few different places and I just love it. Just have your favorite images printed and attach them to your wall with double sided tape. You could easily swap out your favorites for a rotating display.
    Image by Bree Walk

  • Make a 365 Day Collage

    Make a 365 Day Collage

    I love this idea! Use your favorite 365 photos to show off an entire year of memories in one streamlined display.
    Template by: Design Aglow

  • Make a Photo Pillow

    Make a Photo Pillow

    This find make me smile. Did you know you can have your favorite photos printed onto a pillow? Well you can!

  • DIY an Easily Swappable Display of Favorites

    DIY an Easily Swappable Display of Favorites

    This simple DIY makes a gorgeous final display and is easy to update with new photos. Just print them and clip them into the frame in place of an older one.
    Tutorial via: Life’s Little Moments Blog

  • Make a Modern Gallery Wall from Square Canvases

    Make a Modern Gallery Wall from Square Canvases

    Have your favorites printed on square canvases for instant art. Arrange your favorite 9 for a modern gallery wall display.
    Canvas Pop

  • Print a Collage on a Poster for a Classic Look

    Print a Collage on a Poster for a Classic Look

    This easy and classic display is super simple. Just pick your favorites, have them printed onto a poster, and frame! Now you have no excuse not to display your phone photos!
    Image via: Becky Higgins

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