Little L’s Diary: 10 Things I’ve Learned As A Two Month Old

¡Hola! I’m Little L and I’m just two months old — at least that’s what my mami says.

She’s a new blogger here at Disney Baby and I’m happy she’s letting me tell MY side of the story every month. You can also keep track by my monthly onesies that I wear to remember how old I am. I keep hearing her say just how great us newborns have it, but let me tell you, I have to do some serious shouting to get my way. It’s been an interesting time out here, so different from my time in the waters. I was pretty cozy on the inside just floating around, hearing different voices, and pretty much doing what I wanted, when I wanted. But now, life as I know it has changed forever.

“Have you thought about names?” I’d hear mami ask papi, then it would get muffled. For a good long time I didn’t know what I’d be called. I was a bit worried for a while, but thankfully they came to their senses and chose one.

Other times I could hear a voice say “¡HOLA! SOY M TU HERMANO. CUANDO VAS A VENIR?” (HI! I’M M YOUR BROTHER. WHEN ARE YOU COMING?) I always knew when my hermano or brother was near by because he always spoke directly to me and he is very LOUD!

Little L Two Months Old

But that was then, and now I’m living my life on the outside at home with my familia. Since January I have already established a set routine — milk, burp, sleep, play and poo and repeat. Pretty simple and one that I plan on sticking to for a long time!

During the moments I’m not sleeping and dreaming of milk, I’ve learned a few things about my new life:

  1. Despite mami saying she is “so busy” we do have designated cuddle time every day!
  2. Papi calls me “his sweet girl.”
  3. I can always count on M (that’s my brother) to turn up the music on my swing set when mami isn’t looking.
  4. There are two ways to say the same thing — Mami speaks Spanish, papi speaks English and M and I speak both.
  5. Mami and papi are very sleepy — I really have to shout to get them to wake up and feed me!
  6. Mami and papi can never agree who will change my poopy diapers.
  7. Sometimes mami forgets I’m in the car with her and I scare her when I cry (sorry!)
  8. Every day and I mean every single day mami holds me and whispers te quiero mi niña (I love you my girl).
  9. In the waters I would have all sorts of foods, but now it’s all milk. What happened? Can’t a baby get some ice cream?
  10. Mamipapi and M are absolutely amazed by me! Anything I do is posted on Facebook, Instagram or emailed within seconds of it happening.

So all things considered, I do have a pretty amazing life. For now, I’ll probably still lay heavy on the naps, but I’m looking forward to getting to know my familia. I hear something called summer is coming soon — everyone seems to be very excited about that. See you next month!

¡besos and cuddles!

Little L

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