10 Ways I Can Tell That Summer is Here

Both of my girls are very young, so we don’t really adhere to a school year calendar. And yet, summer definitely feels different.

Here are 10 reasons I can tell summer is here even without a final school bell to tell me so:

  • Baby, It's HOT Outside

    Baby, It's HOT Outside

    If you are going to be outside, it needs to be really early in the morning, very late in the evening or involve a lot of water.

  • Warm Carseats

    Warm Carseats

    Babies will instantly be rosy-cheeked and sweaty when you put them in the car, and you have to be super careful not to burn them with the metal parts of the car seat.

  • The Stores are Jammed

    The Stores are Jammed

    During the school year, we’re pretty much guaranteed a quiet shopping or library experience if we going during school hours. Now that school is out, everything is a madhouse all day long.

  • It Stays Light Very Late

    It Stays Light Very Late

    My girls go to bed around seven, but during the summer that means I’m putting them down when it’s still almost full daylight outside.

  • Hats


    Hats are necessary, just like in winter, but these hats aren’t meant to keep them warm.

  • Uncooked Food

    Uncooked Food

    We eat a lot of salad, fresh fruit, and other uncooked meals during the summer. It’s too hot to keep that oven on much!

  • Swimsuits


    Our most worn items of clothing are swimsuits (you can almost always find at least one hanging up to dry at our house).

  • Indoor Play is Necessary

    Indoor Play is Necessary

    Finding air-conditioned places to play during the day is crucial! We spend a lot of time at IKEA, the library, and toy and book stores.

  • The Best Treats

    The Best Treats

    No warm, gooey cookies for us. The best snacks are icy and cold.

  • Chubby Legs

    Chubby Legs

    No more hiding my babies in snuggly sleepers – those chunky little thighs and arm rolls are visible all day long.

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