10 Printable Father’s Day Cards

Does anybody else struggle with Father’s Day gift ideas? My husband isn’t really a gift person and when he wants something, it’s usually something boring and practical. I kind of can’t wait for Beck to be old enough to craft something together at church or school for the guy so I don’t feel so bad. Oh well, at least I know this year the card will be something to talk about thanks to all these awesome printable options.

  • Bow Tie

    Bow Tie

    Dad will think you took the time to hand make this. Printing and folding count, right?

    Click here to download from The House That Lars Built

  • Happy Father's Day

    Happy Father's Day

    I love the pretty script on this one. Even if dad doesn’t care, mom will appreciate.

    Click here to download from The House That Lars Built

  • Animals & Bow Ties

    Animals & Bow Ties

    Kids will get a kick out of making these ones, you might just have to print a few.

    Click here to download from Moomah

  • Tie Coloring Sheet

    Tie Coloring Sheet

    These paper ties come ready to color so kids can make them all their own and even match dad.

    Click here to download from Wee Society

  • Typography Glasses

    Typography Glasses

    These printable glasses are my favorite, even if they would be torn off my husband’s face in about two seconds.

    Click here to download from Mr Printables

  • Dad You Are Rad

    Dad You Are Rad

    A simple sentiment that will make dad smile.

    Click here to download from The House That Lars Built

  • Shirt + Tie

    Shirt + Tie

    How are your origami skills? You might need to practice this a few times to get it just right.

    Click here for directions from Martha Stewart

  • Pocket Square

    Pocket Square

    You could store an actual pocket square in this card for a little something extra for pops.

    Click here for instructions from Martha Stewart

  • Custom Dad

    Custom Dad

    This download comes with several custom options for hair and other attributes so you can layer it to look just like your dad.

    Click here to download from Paper Craft Inspirations

  • Fill-in the Blank

    Fill-in the Blank

    If you children are old enough, you can have them answer questions about dad in this card. Sure to be hilarious.

    Click here to download from Martha Stewart

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